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On that Saturday, we started shooting in the morning. Usually at this hour we are still relaxing at home, enjoying the weekend. But today we have planned two-session photoshoot schedule: shoot for the CNY Special Collection 2020 catalog and also the blog. We did the shoot in the Setiabudi area in Bandung, our favorite studio lately because it is comfortable and relaxing, Enam Tusi (this is also where I often practice yoga with friends). Finally, our most-awaited guest is coming, it's Angel! She came last and as soon as she entered the studio, the vibrations of the room became different. With an endless smile she introduced herself to all of us who had already come to the studio. And since she came, everyone's mood has been lifted up.

We challenge Angel to pick few items from our latest collection and also a CNY collection to mix and match with her personal items and style. And so this begin..


Angel Natalie Lukito


Star sign & shio?

Sun in Capricorn, rising in Capricorn, moon in Gemini
Shio: Rat



What keeps you busy lately?  

I graduated last year in June 2019 from Seattle University majoring in Finance. Since I graduated, I keep myself busy by exploring and figuring out my true self and passion. I know that finding my passion will take time, process, hard work, experience and learning — since learning can be obtained from anywhere and from anyone. Now, I am trying my best to explore and figure out who I really am by working at Eigerindo MPI as a Finance & Accounting Staff and also as a Marketing Staff for Exsport brand. I am also an active member in a non-profit organization called Solar Chapter, specifically handling one of their many projects called Kain Makna. Besides that, I also join a community called Explorekeun (@explorekeun). Explorekeun is a community where we create a platform for Millennials and generation Z to help them find their passion. Furthermore, I took an Open Water Diving certification last year and has been exploring two of Indonesia’s beautiful island. Experiencing the beauty of the underwater and its creatures, I feel so grateful to be able to live in a very detailed, wide, and magnificent world. See!! Even we can learn something while diving. In conclusion, what keeps me busy every single day is by gaining new experiences that enable me to explore and learn from it.


Mind to tell us about Kain Makna?

Kain Makna is a brand founded by Solar Chapter. Solar Chapter is a non-profit organization whose members are students from Indonesia residing in the United States. Two years ago, I joined this organization when I was a student in the US. This organization aims to develop Indonesia’s rural areas in sustainable way. For instance, Solar Chapter’s first project was to build a water pump and solar panel in a village, called Umutnana in East Nusa Tenggara. When we went to the village, we saw that the women really love to weave, but they didn’t have the sources to introduce and sell their cultural masterpiece to the world as they live far away from the city. We saw an opportunity to help these women to sell these “kain tenun”. Now, the tenun have been distributed to Australia, Indonesia, and the US. MAKNA intends to approach the problem in a holistic way and therefore comprises of two aspects; education and commercialization by providing distribution channels and spreading awareness of Indonesia’s art of tenun. We plans to help Umutnana’s women sell their kain and promote their culture to young Indonesians living in cities, students studying abroad in the US and most importantly, exposing their beautiful art of into the world.


Does anyone tell you that you could light up the room without a lamp? 😜 What makes you keep smiling? And how you deal with the bad day?

What makes me always smile is my perspective on my surroundings. I always try to sow positive way of thinking into my mind as much as I can. I always try to see every “phenomena” in my life by seeing both sides of the story. I understand that every circumstance is a challenge to leap into a better version of myself. A single small positive behavior can change into a bigger output, which is a positive mindset. For instance, by starting my day with prayer, being grateful to every small things, appreciating people by saying “thank you”, always cleaning up my left overs, etc. I believe that everyone has the same opportunity to have positive mindset and to become happy; happier, but effort is still the key of our own happiness. If you sow a positivity into your mind, then you will reap positivity. Yes, you reap what you sow.


How about your Lunar New Year/CNY? 

Every Lunar New Year, I spend the whole day feasting with the whole big families. There are some rituals that might happen during and before the new year, such as buying new clothes, cutting my hair, feasting, and gathering with the big families. Before CNY dinner, I usually hunt for some new clothes and get a haircut. The clothes I buy must be red because it is a sign of happiness. One of my favorite ritual is getting angpao from the family members who already married. Yup, it’s the right time to spend some money! haha..In addition, on CNY, my grandparents usually serve big dinner for us, and here are certain types of food that must be served on our dinner: there are noodles -that indicate longevity, all four-legged animals, two-legged and also fish. Lapis Legit as dessert which means to bring a good luck; there are also some oranges which means prosperity.

Tell us more about what you like to wear (aka your style) in general and what about for CNY?

Ever since I came to the US, my style has changed to be more casual. However, after living in the US for quite some time, I’ve noticed that the people here dress very courageously with very expressive style. After being exposed to lots of different type of fashion styles, I began to try dressing up in bright and bold colors and have fallen in love with it. I usually combine the color by pairing it with something simple like dark washed jeans, long skirts or baggy jeans. And not to forget that wearing sneakers and cute earrings are must.

I haven’t celebrated CNY for 4 years ever since I went to the US to study. However, normally on CNY, we usually dress up a little more formal. It is the time where all family members get to wear cheongsam with all red attribute. For this year’s CNY, I plan to wear modern cheongsam combined with some plain long skirt, and pairing it with a high top sneakers and of course, earrings.


 What piece do you think everyone should have in their closet? (Mention 3 pieces pleasee..)

Dark washed jeans
Basic tees
Oversized denim jacket
Long skirt
White high top sneakers 


What are your beauty & wellness must-haves?

Hydrating moisturizer 
Lip balm



What did you pick at LADOUCHEVITA.COM ?

Navy Wild Rose Sheer Top

Lilac Pericon Top

Lilac Go Fan Yourself Skirt

Mint Green Linda Linen Pants

Wave Babies Outer

Red Oyster Dress

Red Oyster Skirt


Photo by Windy

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