A Day With: Azza


Though she's one busy bee, we got the chance to meet with Azza, the free-spirited creative whose currently residing in Bandung. Since her move from Paris in 2019, she's been out and about in the party scene curating things she love: music and cocktails.

Azza is currently in midst opening a concept breakfast spot and a cocktail bar. You can have a sneak-peek bite of a sweet baked bite at Glazed AM and wash it off later in the evening with one of Glazed PM's specialty cocktails.



Hi Azza! How have you been? What’s new with you?

I’ve been good! Keeping myself busy, doing very different (and new) things so I don’t get bored. Excitement and anxiety all around 😁


Will you tell us more on your current project: Glazed AM and PM?

Glazed is a project born out of this pandemic. Did a lot of testing out products then with my partner and decided to do a cafe (Glazed AM) & bar (Glazed PM) concept. At first, we only have it available online but now Glazed AM will soon open its offline store 🤞🏻! *shameless promotion 😋


Fashion or food? Which one and why!

It’s like choosing whether to go around naked, undressed, or starve. Can I really choose?!?



This year, La Douche Vita is settling in to Jakarta to open a store at ASAU. While you made the move from Jakarta to Bandung. Why so?

It’s like we did a Parent Trap switch haha! I needed a fresh environment for me to explore after uni, that’s one of the reason why I moved here. I get bored very easily and tend to move around a lot and I think that’s what I want to do in the future too. Try not to get too comfortable in my state and go around as much as I can. Excited for you guys’ new space, btw!


Are there any favourite spots for you in Bandung?

I still don’t have that one spot here that I call mine but I do LOVE eating out at Volcano for a bomb dinner and a pint or two.




Three top things you’ll do once this pandemic is over.

1. Travel - soooo many of my travelling plans was cancelled this year and I’m so ready to redeem it.

2. Go to the movies - Thanks Netflix but i’ve grown sick of my laptop screen

3. Swim - now i’m still a little scared to go to public pools, i really miss it 🥺



Watch Azza's #DoucheRapidFire here 🏄🏻




Azza wore:


Keiza Azzahra (@keizazz)

Photos by Windy (@windyaprln)


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