La Douche Vita or ‘Douche’ is an idée fixe of Asti Surya that sprung to life in 2009. For her, La Douche Vita is an omnibus of things that trending yet will remain worthwhile in years to come. Every garments has good quality finishings and comfort, that people will notice on most of the textiles and materials selection.


The range is array of unconventional basic casual wear with resort vibe. A diverse line that inspired by masculinity and feminity also everything in between. The unisex pieces is targetted for everyone that pay attention to the form that follow function.


Douche is self manufactured (since 2013), designed & produced in Indonesia. All of the garments are handmade by local tailors in Bandung. Perfected by handy crafters, that the partnerships are maintained by training them from scratch to be a skillful artisans. Conciously building fair-trade bussiness to create sustainable production and supporting economic empowerment for locals.